Discover Thassos

In the northern Aegean Sea, there is a place away from the crowds and traffic of typical summer destinations. The Greek island of Thassos is a quiet yet beautiful and most rewarding holiday heaven you can visit off-the-beaten-path in Greece. Here are a few things you should know about Thassos island. Prepare to be amazed, and -who knows-, it can be your next stop in Greece. Well, it should be, at least.

No other Greek island resembles Thassos in its geography and natural scenery. Imagine a circular island with a 1200-meter-high mountain in the middle, surrounded by pristine beaches of unparalleled beauty. 

You may have been on an island with a similar lush landscape, but there is a difference with Thassos. 

The big difference with the other islands that you may have visited and been excited about is that on the island of Thassos the pine trees touch their beaches and thus they get colors and aromas from them. There are many beaches on the island, some more cosmopolitan and others less so.


  • Thassos is most likely the Odysseus’ Sirenes’ island
  • Based on historical and geographical evidence Sirenes’ homeland was todays Astris Beach
  • Back in history Thassian girls were famous for their “calos” – beauty.
  • Thassians did not belong to any Greek colony but with the help of Paros Island’s residents, they built their own colony  “Thassians’ Continent”
  • The island’s wealth concluded of wood, and minerals (gold, iron, tin, marble), oil, honey, nuts, wine and vinegar
  • During the 1stb. C. century queen Cleopatra of Egypt, with ships of her own, used to get her supplies from all Thassian’s best products

Buy me wine from Thassos when my heart aches,
Just one glass and it’s healed…
Antidotos (4th b.C. Century)

Things to Do in Thassos

While you admire the natural beauty of Thassos, note that there is much to do in this remote part of the Aegean. 

The longest beach on the island was named by some of the first tourists on the island in the 60’s. During a small cruise by boat, and as the tourists were approaching the beach, they saw on the golden sand the sun’s reflection and they yelled… “golden beach”! Up until that day the local name of the area was “Aulakia”. (oral tradition)

Nowadays Golden beach is one of the cleanest and most organized beaches of the island. It is the Riviera of Thassos with a lot of distinctions all over the past years (Blue Flags).


As this is a place with a long history, the most interesting site in Thassos is the Ancient Agora, a site with old temples, remains of sanctuaries, an Ancient Theatre, and other buildings.


Located in the southern part of Thassos, Giola is a beautiful natural pool carved in rock. There are many awesome places to see in Thassos and visiting Giola is one of them.


This is an old monastery with interesting architecture, located on a hill above Livadi. It has been built on top of a cliff and the view from up there is captivating.


Head inland and before you notice it, the scenery changes completely. The tropical-like coastline gives way to pine forest, olive groves, and a dramatic landscape.