Studios Soti Maria is less than 50m away from the beach!

Enjoy your stay at Thassos with the most incredible view!

Welcome to Studios Soti Maria

The perfect place to stay when on vacation on Thassos!

We are confident you will have a memorable experience while being hosted in our rooms. Your comfort and satisfaction have always been the most important priorities of ours!


Explore in visual detail our rooms, the building and the surrounding area through our photo galleries!


See in pictures what our rooms have to offer you!

Go through the rest of the galleries, including the garden, exterior and surrounding area!

All Rooms include:

Fully equipped kitchenette

With refrigerator, electric water boiler, coffee machine, dishes/cups and table with chairs.

Bathroom with shower

Each of our bathrooms is equipped with a shower and a toilet.

Private balcony with view

Whether you prefer sea, garden or mountain view, our balconies have got it all.

Cooling with air conditioning

Hot temperatures will not bother you thanks to the air condition that exist in every room.

Hair dryer

Dry your hair at any time easily.

Electric iron

You can iron your clothes whenever you need to.


Free wi-fi connection to the internet.

Explore Thassos

The Greek island of Thassos is a quiet yet beautiful and most rewarding holiday heaven you can visit off-the-beaten-path in Greece. Here are a few things you should know about Thassos island.

Reviews from our satisfied customers on Google:

I had the most pleasant stay in Golden Beach, Thassos thanks to the Studios Soti Maria. Beautiful rooms with great view. Hope i will be able to return one day!


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